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History you can eat and drink

Our new ebook does the work for you! We know Boston's historic taverns and restaurants better than anyone and we've compiled that research into a vibrant and fun guide. All for under $10.

Add a discounted copy to your tour reservation or buy on its own to explore this historic city.

26 Restaurants

The establishments span 8 neighborhoods and venture into greater Boston. Some are decades old and a some have been around for centuries, including Bell in Hand, Green Dragon, and Union Oyster House.

Nearly 50 pages

Loaded with rich history, historic and modern-day pictures, and a map, you'll easily develop a game plan to visit and enjoy all of the establishments.

Thoroughly Researched

Researched and written by a PhD in American history, we combed through 18th, 19th, and 20th century newspapers, books, and images to give you fun and accurate history. 

Unique Information

Our ebook doesn't conflict with our tours! Our tours take place downtown along the Freedom Trail and discuss Boston during the American Revolution. The ebook covers other neighborhoods and eras.

Suggested Orders

If there's a specialty drink or iconic food item to order, we have you covered. We provide suggested orders for each establishment.

Historic Sites Nearby

Brief histories of neighborhoods or nearby historic sites are included to ensure you make the most of each location.

Image by Tim Mossholder

The ultimate guide to drinking historically in Boston whether you’re a tourist or a born and bred Bostonian! Filled with fun facts, I’ve found my new checklist of places to drink and plenty of trivia questions to quiz the lucky people sitting at the bar next to me!

             - Erika Johnson, @BostonBeerGirl_EJ

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Stop googling, start drinking.

 $9.95 (plus tax) will give you all the info you need to explore historic Boston. 

If you are joining our tours, bundle the ebook with tour tickets at checkout to receive a discounted price ($7.95). Buy both here.

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