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Boston's Most Historic Taverns and Restaurants (where you can drink today!)

It's no surprise that Boston has a rich history, including establishments where people eat and drank hundreds of years ago. If you're not able to join our tours--we visit three historic taverns and have a local, craft beer in each while discussing the revolutionary (and drunken) history of Boston--our ebook is the next best thing! It features 26 establishments that you can visit today. You can buy the ebook here.

Below are short samples of a few histories that we feature in the book:

1. Union Oyster House

Founded in 1826, this is the oldest continuosuly-operating restaurant. The building it inhabits dates back to the eighteenth century with a tie to the American Revolution. The Oyster House has been frequented by Daniel Webster and John F. Kennedy and has an exclusive beer we always order when we go.

2. Modern Pastry Shop

There are many pastry stores in Boston's North End, but Modern Pastry is one of the oldest and most iconic, being founded in 1930. Their tiramisu is fantastic, but even better is the secret spot to drink local beers.

3. Wayside Inn

Our ebook highlights two restaurants in greater Boston, the Colonial Inn and Wayside Inn, both of which are worth the trip. The Wayside Inn was founded in 1716 and has expanded over the years. We recommnd drinking in the Old Bar, which dates to the original building, complete with wooden floorboards and beams.

Interested in learning more? Skip googling--we've done the research for you! Our ebook is filled with lesser-known facts and includes a recommended order for each establishment, so you'll make the most of every visit.

Buy your ebook here or bundle with tour tickets for a discounted price.


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