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Our Top 6 History Podcasts

We are addicted to podcasts and we love learning new things. These history pods are standouts.

1. Presidential

Each episode tackles each U.S. president, one-by-one. Host Lillian Cunningham brings on expert biographers, like Doris Kearns Goodwin and David McCullough, to recap the life and legacy of every president. It’s understandable to go in or order or start with the big names, but we recommend checking out some of the more obscure presidents (like Episode 13’s Millard Fillmore) to learn something new and find out why they remain in the shadows.

2. Beer Makes History

Ye Olde Tavern Tours is excited to present our ten-episode series podcast. Each episode pairs Boston’s revolutionary (and drunken) past with a New England craft beer. We hope you’ll drink, learn, and laugh along with us as we explore events from 1763 to 1776.

3. Ben Franklin's World

This was one of the original history podcasts and it has covered an impressivly diverse amount of topics related to early America. (Franklin is the focus on some episodes, but not the vast majority.) The host, Liz Covart, interviews a historian in each bi-weekly episode. She asks every guest a time-warp question about how history might have turned out differently--it is provocative and unique.

4. Past Present

Three historians explore the history of (seemingly) current events, tackling issues in politics or pop culture, like Episode 177 titled “, Vigilante Border Patrol Groups, and Cargo Shorts.” The episodes provide excellent fodder for dinner conversation with friends!

5. The Dollop

Two comedians get together to talk history. The catch? One does the research and one is hearing about the topic for the first time. Hilarity ensues. Topics run the gamut from “Ten Cent Beer Night” (Episode 15) to the “1919 Boston Police Strike” (Episode 256). Spoiler alert: they both end badly.

6. Rev250

Revolution 250 is the organization behind the Rev250 podcast, hosted by Bob Allison, an acclaimed historian of Boston. The organization's goal is to promote the 250th anniversary of revolutionary events that happened in New England. Allison interviews historians, historical reenactors, and archivists and the episodes are often focused on Massachusetts. Get yourself pumped and in the know about the celebrations happening over the next three years.


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