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Brian's Beer Review: Dance Language from Oxbow Brewing

We've got an exciting new series of blog posts! Our tour guide, Brian, will be reviewing diverse beer styles and breweries from New England. Like all of us at Ye Olde Tavern Tours, he loves to try new beers and he's got a unique rating system: Huz-stars. Now, to his first review:

Our featured beer comes from Dance Language from Oxbow Brewing Company in Newcastle, Maine! Dance Language is a Saison made with single-source Maine honey and has an ABV of 8.5%. Saison beers were traditionally brewed in Belgium and are known for their fruity and spicy notes. This Saison pours a pale amber color. It is unfiltered and not only cloudy, but even contains some sediment at the very end of the pour! The dominant smell and taste is honey, along with a nice hoppiness and a spicy character. Despite its high ABV, this beer has an easy finish that makes it very drinkable. I really like this beer overall, and I am going to give it 4 out of 5 Huz-stars, (which are like stars but better). If you’re tired of the IPAs, Saisons are a great alternative.

Castle Island in 1773. Credit: Library of Congress

It'd be fun to bring a few Dance Languages with me on a picnic to Castle Island. I like that they’re an impressive 8.5% ABV, so I wouldn’t have to lug too many with me. Thanks to extensive landfilling of Boston Harbor in the 1800s, today Castle Island is part of South Boston. But during the time of the American Revolution, it was a strategic spot (and actually an island) that protected the entrance to Boston Harbor and has been the site of a fortification continuously since the 1630s. I would love to enjoy a Dance Language and talk to Revere about Castle Island and the Siege of Boston. When the British evacuated Boston in March of 1776, they set fire to the fort that occupied the island. Revere was stationed here when the colonists rebuilt the fortification.

Castle Island Today


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