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The Beers We're Drinking this Winter

January and February in Boston can feel tough to get through. Ye Olde Tavern Tours hasn't started their public tours yet (that happens in March!), it's cold and dreary, and spring can feel ages away. To help you get through the season of hiberation, we're sharing the beers we're drinking.

Credit: UFO Brewing

This is one of our favorites beers! Made with vanilla cold brew, this light and refreshing wheat beer from UFO (unfiltered offering) tastes like a holiday cookie in a glass. We cannot save enough good things about this beer. Tasting notes: vanilla and wheat.

Credit: Riverwalk Brewing

Dark beer lovers rejoice! Winter brings out a lot of porters, and we love this deep and complex brew from Riverwalk Brewing in Newburyport. We don’t have many storm doors in Boston, but maybe stash a few of these beers in the pantry in case you need reinforcements for a snow day! Tasting notes: vanilla and cinnamon.

Credit: Jack's Abby

For those who aren’t quite ready to commit to porters or stouts, grab a Red Tape from Jack’s Abby. This dunkel style (dark German lager) is a nice malty, amber. Our tour guide, Brian, gave this one a thorough review and loved it. You can read his description here. Tasting notes: cocoa and caramel.

Credit: Trillium

4. Trillium Secret Stairs Boston Stout

You might think of Trillium as a summer-time spot given its multiple beer garden and patio spaces, but they do winter as well! We recommend checking drinking this stout at the taproom in the Fenway – there is ice skating next door! Tasting notes: nuts and chocolate.

Credit: Harpoon

Follow up Harpoon's autumnal Flannel Friday with the more heavy-duty Winter Warmer. As one of Boston’s oldest breweries (read more about their history in our ebook), Harpoon has been making this New England staple for over three decades! Tasting notes: cinnamon and nutmeg.


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