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Brian's Beer Review: Red Tape from Jack's Abby

Red Tape from Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers in Framingham, MA is an Amber Lager that is 5% alcohol by volume. It pours a clear amber color, and it gives itself away as a malty amber lager by its smell alone. The taste is caramelly and almost sweet while holding onto a nice heartiness. Red Tape was the pilot brew from Jack’s Abby, and you can see why they have become one of the most successful breweries in Massachusetts today. I appreciate a drinkable lager and Jack’s Abby consistently puts out quality, unique lagers like this one. I give it 4.5 out of 5 Huz-stars. If you want to try one yourself, join Ye Olde Tavern Tours: We offer a rotation of Jack’s Abby beers on tour!

If you are looking for a beer to drink on a cold night, this is a great option. Its maltiness will warm you right up, and the drinkability will make sure you can have a few! I would like to introduce Jack’s Abby Red Tape to one of the most famous red heads in American history: Alexander Hamilton. Maybe we could have a beer overlooking his statue on the Commonwealth Ave. Mall in Back Bay. I could ask him what he thinks about the “Hamilton” soundtrack. While he is famously associated with New York City, Hamilton arrived in the thirteen colonies by way of Boston.


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